Wholesaler of hydraulic components

JB Hydraulics BV and its service have formed a powerful combination since 1991.
Through extensive automation and organizational flexibility in the technical, commercial and administrative areas, we have grown into a market leader in the Gorinchem-Rotterdam region.

“Exclusive distributorships for most product groups”

Stauff (pipe clamps / tube fittings)
Hydroscand Machine AB
Dunlop Hiflex / Alfagomma

With exclusive distributorships for most product groups, we are able to offer you an excellent supply programme that integrates fully with your need for hydraulic components for shipping, industry and offshore.

Stock and service

We have a very large and wide range of high-quality components.
Thanks to our accurate inventory system and concrete agreements with manufacturers and suppliers, we can deliver your orders quickly and virtually free from backorders.
We are able to deliver quickly thanks to our own courier service or the use of parcel services.
Furthermore, we have the technical know-how to provide you with extensive product information and expert advice at all times.