Low pressure compression, solder and Xpress fittings & copper tube

VSH brass compression fittings for the gastight and watertight connection of two or more pipes. Suitable for the installation of copper piping, central heating pipes and PPI tubing for gas, water and central heating installations.

Copper solder fittings are suitable for drinking water pipes and central heating pipes. Solder fittings can only be used in combination with copper pipes.

VSH Xpress is a piping system with M-profile fittings, and is suitable for various applications. It consists of press fittings, tubes and press tools. VSH Xpress is lightweight and can be installed quickly, simply and safely. One reason for this is the pre-marked insertion depths and colour markings.

VSH Xpress can be used in shipbuilding, industry, drinking water, central heating, gas and sprinkler installations. VSH Xpress sizes range from 12 mm to 108 mm and the products are available in copper, stainless steel and galvanised steel. VSH Xpress has all the relevant approvals.

We also have a complete programme of copper Kiwa and steam (industrial) pipes.

Our copper pipes are manufactured in accordance with the following standards: EN 1057 for sanitary applications, EN 12449 for industrial applications and EN 12735 for refrigeration applications. They all come in the quality half-hard R250. The pipes are available from 6 mm to 154 mm and can be used in drinking water systems as well as sanitary, heating and gas/oil systems.

We can also supply pipes in accordance with EN 12735. These pipes have been given an extra clean on the inside and are capped at both ends. These pipes are suitable for refrigeration and air conditioning applications, among other things.

The Kiwa pipes are delivered with a Kiwa certificate, whereas the steam pipes come with a 3.1 material certificate.



VSH XPress fittings are produced according to a unique "Leak Before Pressed" (LBP) design. LBP was developed so that fittings which had been mounted correctly but by accident had not yet been pressed (properly) could be found immediately. This function saves a lot of time and money and avoids potentially expensive repairs later.

JB Hydraulics BV | Messing knel / soldeerfittingen & koperen buis / VSH Super

JB Hydraulics BV | Messing knel / soldeerfittingen & koperen buis / VSH XPress

JB Hydraulics BV | Messing knel / soldeerfittingen & koperen buis

JB Hydraulics BV | Messing knel / soldeerfittingen & koperen buis VSH Super / VSH XPress